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Dear Parents and Guardians,

In August 2000 West Bonner County School District #83 started its own Alternative High School Program. This program offers individualized instruction as well as small group classes. For instance, English teaches English for Employment skills including writing a letter of application, writing resumes, interviewing techniques, etc. Consumer or business math is included in the math curriculum.

The Alternative program provides all the courses needed for a regular high school diploma. We offer computerized education that can be accessed from a home computer. We also may offer a summer program for any students who qualify to be an alternative student.

The program can accept around 30 to 36 students. The program is optional and students must request to enroll. There is a screening committee to review the enrollment requests. Students may take the regular school bus routes from their homes.  We offer a breakfast and lunch program.

Most of all, we do our level best to offer an educational program that works for students for whom the usual high school program did not work. We involve students in planning their education. We want to work together with parents and guardians to provide a quality education for their child. If you have questions please call the school office at 448-1405.